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Questions To Ask Before Choosing A Driving Instructor


As soon as you hit the age of 17, your focus will be on getting a P license. The provisional license allows you to drive a car on your own and you will be considered as an eligible driver. This will give you a chance to get your own car as you gain your parent’s confidence and trust. However, in a hurry to get your license, you should not ignore the value of driving lessons. By choosing the right person to teach you driving, you are only doing yourself a favor. You are required to drive a car for the rest of your life and so, you should learn the right way to do it.

While choosing a driving school, you should pay attention to the reputation of the school. The quality of driving classes depends on the quality of driving instructors. Now, you can find several instructors offering cheap driving courses and it can be tempting to choose the cheapest one available. You need to ask a few questions before allowing an instructor to teach you driving.

Do you have a Motor Driving Instructor license?

To get your P license, you need to record 75 hours of driving experience by submitting your logbook. If you don’t learn under the supervision of a licensed instructor, all your efforts towards learning driving will not be counted towards your license. So, you should ensure that the driving school you choose employs driving instructors who have the Motor Driving Instructor license. There are different types of licenses provided for driving coaches. At the bare minimum, they can teach you driving and sign off your log book forms. Learn how to drive safely and at the shortest time possible, feel free to go over for information. 

Which method of training can you offer?

In Australia, there are two options to get your P license. You can either take up VORT (Vehicle On Road Test) or choose CBT&A (Competency Based Training And Assessment). The instructor must have a suitable license to provide either of the training. Even though it is most common to complete driving lessons and take up on a road test to qualify for a license, CBT&A method provides a more relaxed approach towards learning to drive. At any point of time, you can change your learning method from CBT&A to VORT and you should ask your instructor about the cost involved.

What is the cost of driving classes?

Obviously, you have to consider the cost of the driving lessons. Some of the instructors charge a ridiculously low price for the first few lessons. You can even find instructors offering free lessons for an hour or two. Before choosing the lowest priced instructor, ensure that you do your research on the experience and quality of the instructor.

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