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How To Plan Your Annual Leave?

Some organizations have made it mandatory for their employees to take two weeks of mandatory leave. This is a good way to relax, rejuvenate and come back to work fresh, which makes you more motivated and more efficient. This is also a way for the organisation to identify any potential fraud or risk that may be happening by sending the employee on leave and letting the system break. Either way, as employees, it is good to be able to take that time off of work and relax. However, not every one of us can make this a trip to the Caribbean, or go on a cruise. We have many commitments that keep us tied to our homes. But there are still options for you to explore to make your holiday a memorable and useful one.

Join a class and Catch up with friends and family

Yes, this is a time that you can take up a short term class, or explore the idea of a starting a long term one. Be it joining a driving school for lessons, cooking, or even art classes, this is a time that you get to relax a bit about the time factor and take a break. You can also join that gym in the neighborhood which you have wanted to visit. So why not have a chat with the instructors and nutritionist there? You will be able to have a full body check-up, check your body mass index, discuss your fitness goal and get advice on the right eating habits.

This is definitely the time to meet your friends and family that you have been missing for some time. You can join the girls for an evening of high tea. You can join the next garage sale or bake sale with the church group. Make sure you check people’s schedules in advance and slot them in your diary. This is also the time to visit the people who can’t get about like they used to. So, maybe a visit to your grandma’s retirement home or a trip to the hospital to see your cousin who has been in hospital would be a very thoughtful way of spending your holiday.

Catch up on entertainment

Have you been dying to watch that new movie for a long time? Well, here is the chance. How about the new series of Masterchef? You can even curl up with a book and hot chocolate and have a relaxing evening. These are also activities that you can involve your friends in so, please go ahead and invite them. It will be twice the fun.

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