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Deciding On Your Education And Career Paths After School

Deciding on which line of study to pursue after school is difficult. That one choice could impact the rest of your life and thus, you need to choose wisely. Making the wrong decision by choosing the wrong line of study only to realize later on in life that you have chosen the wrong profession can cause you to waste a valuable number of years, years you could have spent working to build up your career in your life long profession. 
Sadly, most people disregard their true talents and passions when choosing a future career. Often the line of work they choose to pursue is the line of work the think will bring them the most money, however, it is very difficult to earn money from something that you are not passionate about. One great example of this occurrence is the great Deshmanya Geoffrey Bawa. At a young age Geoffrey studied to be a lawyer and practiced law for many years. However much later at the age of thirty eight, Geoffrey realized his dream was to become an architect and began studying architecture. Geoffrey went on to become the most renowned architect in Sri Lanka.

Career options available to youngsters
It is advisable to take some time in making this decision while exploring your different options. You could do this by choosing to take up a part time job in a field you are interested in or even choosing to intern at a firm in your field of choice. Additionally, you could choose to pursue a minor course in a subject that you are interested in so that you may explore the subject further before you commit to four years of study. As an example, if you are interested in business, you may choose to study bachelor in business administration.
When choosing to pursue a course however, it is advisable to choose one that maybe valuable to different career paths you may choose to pursue. As per the above example, a business management course will be valuable to you where you choose to continue your education in business, whether you choose to work a full time job or whether you one day decide to start up your own business.
It is vital that you do not rush in to this decision based on the decisions your friends from school are making or due to pressure from your parents. Always choose a career that is right for you and reflects your talents. The best and most efficient way to earn a living is to pursue your own passion because as the saying goes “when you are doing what you love, every day is the weekend”.

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